Pål Raaum

Pål is the initiator behind PRE Management’s move into Chinese private equity, and functions as the Chairman of both PRE China and several other affiliated management companies within the PRE Management Group. Pål graduated from Universität St. Gallen (Switzerland) where he also continued with PhD studies, and speaks fluent German. As the former CEO of Realkreditt, Carnegie, NæringsInvest and other companies, Pål has gained significant experience in the fields of financing, mergers and acquisitions and the real estate sector. Furthermore, throughout his professional careers, he has accumulated vast experience within the fields of entrepreneurship and international management. Pål held a position as Senior Partner at ProCorp in the period 2003 – 2014, and co-founded PRE Management in 2006.

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Rolf Karsten Smith

Rolf Karsten co-founded PRE Management in 2006, and today leads the group’s real estate development business segment. With an academic background in the fields of electrical and electronic engineering, Rolf Karsten has lived and worked outside of Norway since 1985. His career has been primarily in the corporate finance sector, working for a wide range of international investment banks, during which time he also obtained his MBA. Rolf Karsten returned to Norway in 2003 following three years with Nordea Securities in London, and held a Senior Partner position at ProCorp from 2003 – 2014.

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Dr. Ernst von Fischer

Dr. von Fischer is a senior advisor at PRE China, assisting in private equity fund selection, due diligence and investment processes as well as tracking the investment portfolios. Dr. von Fischer speaks Mandarin and has been residing in Beijing (China) for the majority of the last decade. He has been working as an investment advisor for Sal. Oppenheim Private Equity Partners and VCM from 2005 – 2010, and has held various positions within the venture capital, private equity and M&A industries for more than 15 years. Dr. von Fischer holds a mechanical engineering degree from RWTH Aachen (Germany) and a PhD from ETH in Zürich (Switzerland).